Metagood Secures $5 Million To Propel Osura Marketplace for Bitcoin Art

South Korea Experiments With DLT to Fight Pest Infestation

BlackRock Revises Spot Bitcoin ETF Proposal Ahead of Rumored SEC Approvals

Blockchain and Crypto Credit Rebounds to $500M From Bear Market Lows

Company behind passive income app Grass raises $3.5m

Small ESG-Focused Crypto Asset Manager Is Another Late Entrant to Bitcoin ETF Race

– Blockchain loans can offer lower interest rates than traditional private credit lenders due to the transparency of blockchains and automated smart contracts.

– Blockchain-based private credit lending has seen a 55% increase in active loans since the start of 2023, following a slump in 2022.

– Grass lets users sell their unused internet bandwidth to companies training AI.

– The project says it will decentralise ownership at the end of its beta phase.

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