Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2024 | Can Big Eyes coin reach $1 dollar?

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Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain. As we know the Ethereum blockchain has been in good growth for some time now, Similarly, it is believed that in the future good growth can be seen in the Ethereum blockchain, due to which there will be a rise again in the crypto market. Good movement will be seen. Due to the situation prevailing in the crypto market for the last few months, investors are staying away from crypto. Let’s know what will be Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2024.

Big Eyes Coin is built on a robust and secure decentralized network, which offers users many unique features and benefits such as – privacy, and scalability.

Big Eyes says its main priority is to donate 5% of its tokens to charitable causes, including marine sanctuaries to protect marine life. The Big Eyes project also plans to launch a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform to make DeFi more accessible to a larger audience and help with public events.

Big Eyes Coin is similar to BabyDoge Coin and Shiba Inu but stands out with innovations. The presale has ended of Big Eyes Coin after passing 15 stages. Big Eyes Coin gathered $27.46 million in its presale. It boasts a community of 46,300+ BIG holders called Kitty Cuddlers. This coin permits fee-free trading, except for gas fees, and secures exchange liquidity for two years.

Technology Use in Big Eyes:

Big Eyes uses advanced blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and efficiency in its operations. Big Eyes uses a combination of smart contracts and a distributed ledger, creating a trustless ecosystem that reduces the risk of fraud and manipulation.

The project also employs consensus mechanisms such as Proof-of-Stake (PoS) or Proof-of-Work (PoW) to validate transactions and maintain network integrity.

The Big Eyes Coin project is built on the Ethereum blockchain but acts as a defi to provide its own features. Although it is a meme coin, the way people are getting attracted to it, it seems that this coin can give good profits to the investors.

The potential of a meme coin is determined by its community. The community of Big Eyes Coin is very strong and it is attracting a lot of people with its mascot and cute cats.

Big Eyes Presale Collection:

Big Eyes Coin raised $1 million in the first week of its presale. This is the reason why even big investors seem to be attracted to it. The presale of Big Eyes Coin has ended after passing 15 stages. Big Eyes Coin raised $27.46 million in its presale.

Big Eyes Fundamentals:

Coin Release DateMar 15, 2023
Coin Prices$ 0.00000598
Market Cap.$β€―1.198126
Diluted Market Cap$β€―1.20M
Vol. / M. Cap Ratio26,044.83
Circ. Supply199,997
Total Supply200.00B
Max Supply200.00B
Supply Inflation
ATH$β€―0.00001678 (-64%)
52-week high$β€―0.00001793
52-week low$β€―0.000005440
Cycle Low$β€―0.000005440
Cycle High$β€―0.000008753
PlatformETH, BSC
Fear & Greed Index41 (Fear)
Source – Coin Codex

Big Eyes Financial Performance:

StagePrice per CoinHighlights
1$0.0001$1.95 million
2$0.00014$3.2 million
3$0.00017$4.7 million
4$0.00021$6.45 million
5$0.00024$8.45 million
6$0.00028$10.7 million
7$0.00031$13.2 million
8$0.00035$15.95 million
9$0.00038$19.95 million
10$0.00042$24.2 million
11$0.00045$28.7 million
12$0.00049$33.45 million
13$0.00052$38.45 million
14$0.00056$44.7 million
15$0.0006$51.2 million
Source – Money Snippets

Big Eyes Live Chart:

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Big Eyes Key Features :

Privacy and Anonymity: Big Eyes uses strong encryption technologies to prioritize transaction privacy by implementing anonymous transaction protocols. Through state-of-the-art cryptography, users can transact crypto with a high degree of privacy, while protecting their financial activities from prying eyes.

Speed and Scalability: Scalability is a very important factor for any successful cryptocurrency, so Big Eyes addresses scalability by employing innovative scaling solutions. Along with optimizing network performance, Big Eyes provides fast and seamless transactions.

User-Friendly Interface: Big Eyes offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface to enable both novice and experienced users to easily access the features of the platform.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2024:

The Big Eyes team has put a lot of hard work into marketing the project. This is the reason that it has already got a huge number of followers on social media. Market experts believe that this growth will continue till 2024.

When the price of Bitcoin rises, the rest of the crypto market often follows. Therefore, experts expect an increase in the price of Bitcoin in 2024, with the Big Eyes price reaching $0.000017 – $0.000015.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2025:

Big Eyes Coin has a strong online community which leads to potential long-term success. Crypto analyst Jacob Bury has said that Big Eyes is a unique and fascinating project. Big Eyes is also planning to release an NFT collection which could bring it even more profit.

Big Eyes coin predictions are based on how the team differentiates itself from other meme coins. However, meme coins, if successful, can also provide high returns on investment. Therefore, crypto analysts believe that Big Eyes will reach $0.00015 – $0.00010 in 2025.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2030:

Big Eyes will need continued community engagement and innovative features to overtake well-established meme coins like DOGE and SHIB. Attracting new buyers and retaining existing holders is a challenging task for the Big Eyes Project.

It is difficult to make long-term predictions for Meme Coin, Big Eyes Token. The Big Eyes roadmap aims for $1 per token. However, with 200 billion tokens, this is in line with Ethereum’s market cap, which is probably unrealistic.

The big-eyed coin with some upside through 2030 if the company stays focused on the right path. The estimated prices for 2030 are a minimum of $0.00014407 and a maximum of $0.00016640.

Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2035, 2050:

If you want to make huge profits from crypto in the long term, Big Eyes could be a good coin to invest in. Due to the newness of this coin in the crypto market, you can also get the first profit.


Big Eyes Coin Price Prediction YouTube Video:

In the End:

Big Eyes Coin had a great start, which attracted the attention of investors. But everyone is worried about whether Big Eyes Crypto is legit or not.

As everyone knows, Mem coins are notorious for their volatility, and it is challenging to accurately predict such coins. Nonetheless, Big Eyes Coin’s unique community-driven approach, charitable contributions, and the launch of its decentralized exchange have the potential to attract investors and push the price higher.

The mission of this project is very impressive, as it focuses more on donations for charitable causes. So analysts are not completely sure in saying that Big Eyes Coin is legitimate, it could be a scam. Therefore, invest in this coin only after doing complete research and investigation yourself.


How much will the big eye coin be worth?

Market analysts expect Big Eyes crypto to reach a maximum price of $0.0008 by the end of 2023, while the minimum expected price will be $0.0006.

Are Big Eyes a Meme Coin Prediction?

By 2030, Big Eyes (BIG) is projected to rank among the top 10 meme coins.

Is Big Eyes a good investment?

Big Eyes Coin had a great start, which attracted the attention of investors. But everyone is worried about whether Big Eyes Crypto is legit or not.

Who’s behind the big-eyed crypto?

One of the most interesting meme coins in the crypto market, the CEO of Big Eyes Coin is none other than Israeli entrepreneur Ahmed Yaalon.

Is Big Eyes Crypto real?

With the increase in the price of Big Eyes, it appears that the coin is indeed a legitimate currency, and not a scam as many feared.

Can I buy big eyes on Binance?

This coin is not listed on Binance for trading and service.


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