Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction 2030 | Where Will Dutch Bros Stock Be in 2030?

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Dutch Bros Company was founded on February 12, 1992, by brothers Travis and Dan Boersma in Oregon, USA. Today we will discuss Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction 2025. Dutch Bros has close to 500 outlets in more than 10 states in the US. Dutch Brothers operates as an operator and franchisor of drive-thru stores that focus on handcrafted beverages. Today we will discuss Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction 2030.

Dutch Bros is a popular coffee brand known for its high-quality coffee and exceptional customer service. Dutch Brothers Foundation also partners with various NGOs.

The Foundation provides financial support, and volunteer resources to the people which are live in the communities where Dutch Brothers operates.

Initially, they spent $12,000 to buy an espresso machine and a pushcart. The name Dutch Brothers was chosen by them in honor of their grandparents. They bought four more soon thereafter, and by 1994 had established their first drive-thru location. In 1996, the company began roasting its own coffee, sourcing beans from El Salvador, Colombia, and Brazil.

Achievements of Dutch Bros:

  • Dutch Brothers was awarded the 2022 Pacesetter Award for its strong workplace culture, strong loyalty program, and steady growth.
  • The company also achieved a record $1 billion in systemwide sales over the last 12 months.
  • It took Dutch Brothers 27 years to open 328 stores. But in the last three and a half years, Dutch Brothers has opened 275 shops.
  • Dutch Brothers ended 2021 with 538 coffee stands but intends to open another 125 locations in 2023. It had sales of $913.8 million in 2022, up 33% from the previous year.

Business Model of Dutch Bros:

Most Dutch Brothers stores are drive-thru stands. Each shop sells hot and cold beverages, as well as baked goods in addition to coffee.

The company started franchising in the year 1999. Since 2008, Dutch Brothers has put in place a rule that requires potential franchisees to have worked for the company for at least three years.

Then in 2017, Dutch Brothers stopped franchising and started opening only company-owned stores. The company mostly buys those franchisees who do not live up to the company’s customer service standards.

Fundamentals Dutch Bros:

Dutch Bros Financial History:

The company is spending a lot of money to expand its business, so the Dutch Bros company is not making any net profit yet. But still, there has been a tremendous jump in the revenue of Dutch Brothers Company. The company’s total revenue this year is $739 million.

To estimate how much Dutch Bros stock prices are worth, it’s necessary to look at the company’s financials.

The market analysis believes that Dutch Brothers is doing well financially. For the year 2020, Dutch Brothers made a profit of $327 million. This is up from $290 million in 2019. The company is expanding rapidly, opening new offices across the country.

Financial Year 2022-23 Highlights:

  • Total revenues grew 34.1% to $249.9 million as compared to $186.4 million in the same period of 2022.
  • Company-operated shop revenues increased 37.7% to $221.0 million, as compared to $160.5 million in the same period of 2022.
  • Net income (loss) was $9.7 million as compared to $(1.8) million in the same period of 2022.
  • Total system shop openings in 2023 are expected to remain at least 150, of which at least 130 shops will be company-operated.

Dutch Bros Live Chart:

Dutch Bros Strengths:

  • Using Dutch Bros strengths to consolidate and expand the market position.
  • Dutch Bros can use two approaches – building on present strengths, or analyzing the trend, and building processes to a two-pronged market penetration approach.
  • Dutch Bros has a highly successful track record of launching new products in the domestic market.
  • As an incumbent in the industry, Dutch Bros has a strong relationship with its suppliers and other members of the supply chain.

Dutch Bros Limitations:

  • Building strategies based on consumer-oriented product development and marketing approach.
  • Dutch Bros should just get out of these business areas and focus on the strength and threats box, or on the weakness and opportunities box.
  • Dutch Bros is suffering from a lack of critical talent, especially in the field of technology & digital transformation.

Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction 2024:

Dutch Bros company fundamentals are very bad. Investing in this company can also lead to heavy losses, which are being raised by the first few investors. Dutch Bros company has given very poor overall returns, it has given -30% return which is not good at all.

Talking about Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction 2024, the minimum and maximum prices can be $38 and $45 respectively. According to market experts, if you invest for a short period of time then there is every possibility that you will incur huge losses.

Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction 2025:

The financial data of the company for the last few years shows that the company is continuously incurring losses. Due to the poor financial condition of the company, its stock is witnessing a huge fall. In the year 2022, the company suffered a loss of $4.75 million, which is a huge loss.

If we talk about Dutch Brothers Stock Price Prediction 2025, then the average price of the stock in the year 2025 can be seen from $45 to $52.

Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction 2030:

The fundamentals of the company are running very badly. The company currently has a debt of over $700 million, which is not a good thing. Taking these into consideration, Dutch Bros’ stock price prediction for 2030 could be between $95 to $110.

Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction For The Year 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050:

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YearLow High
2023$ 22$ 30
2024$ 38$ 45
2025$ 45$ 52
2026$ 58$ 64
2027$ 70$ 80
2028$ 78$ 88
2029$ 85$ 95
2030$ 95$ 110
2035$ 150$ 175
2040$ 225$ 275
2045$ 320$ 350
2050$ 400$ 450
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Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction YouTube Video:

In the End:

Predicting the future stock prices of any company is not easy. Dutch Brothers is also one of those companies. While the company is rapidly expanding its business, new locations have opened across the United States. This growth has been accompanied by strong financial performance.

Due to the popularity of its products, the company has built a strong reputation and has the potential to rival its biggest rival, Starbucks. This positions Dutch Brothers as a potentially attractive and profitable growth stock. Dutch Brothers’ long-term prospects look promising.


How Much Will Dutch Brothers Stock Go Up?

The average target price offering 12-month price forecasts for Dutch Bros is 34.00, with a high estimate of 53.00 and a low estimate of 30.00.

Are Dutch Brothers stock a buy or sell?

The Dutch Bros Inc. stock holds buy signals from both short and long-term Moving Averages giving a positive forecast for the stock.

Are Dutch Brothers Still Growing?

With the help of loyal customers, Dutch Brothers took hold and began to grow. Today, Dutch Brothers continues to thrive and is dedicated to making a huge difference at a time.

Is Dutch Bros stocking a good buy?

Dutch Bros stock can be good in 2024. On average, Wall Street analysts predict that Dutch Bros’s share price could reach $34.17 by June 15, 2024.

Is Dutch Bros a successful company?

Dutch Bros is growing quickly, opening new locations faster than ever. But investors may be worried that its existing stores aren’t producing as much revenue as they used to.

Will Dutch Bros pay a dividend?

No! Dutch Bros does not pay a dividend.


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